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Murano specializes in producing and printing exclusive wine keys designed for wine connoisseurs and used by enthusiastic professionals around the world. Our wine keys are defined by their exclusive design and excellent quality. "We call it the Lamborghini of wine keys," says Sascha Wernars of Werqdag employment agency. "Not only because it’s yellow."

Murano wine keys are perfect for everyone who enjoys making, serving or drinking wine. It all starts with effortless cork removal, which is exactly what our wine keys were engineered do to. "The wine keys are convenient and the clever double level smoothly removes the cork from the bottle," says Regina Meij of Imperial. "I'm proud to give them to my clients as gifts."

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Personal and exclusive.

Murano wine keys are available in 33 distinct colors and are fully customizable. We can print any logo and suit any corporate style. "Murano pursues the same high quality, reliability and efficiency in service as we do with our wine labels," says Seezwaa Smit of Grapelabels. "That’s exactly why we chose this wine key – in apple green and printed with our logo – as a giveaway to our customers."

We also offer luxury packaging options that highlight the personal and exclusive quality of our products. Our customizable gift boxes can be printed with your logo or text, making it the perfect personalized gift.

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Best in class.

Murano's patented design ensures smooth and straight cork removal with minimal resistance. Combined with the competitive price and outstanding service, Murano’s wine key is the best in its class. an excellent reflection of Murano’s quality. Many wine professionals agree and claim that Murano’s wine key is by far the best they’ve ever used.

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